Have a ride in the 10 Smallest Cars Ever Made!

2. Piaggio Vespa 400

Meet the Vespa 400.

Interior space for the 400 was at such a premium that early models did without roll-down windows to keep the door width thinner. It is tiny 400 cc engine produced just 12 hp, and if that sounds a bit slow for your taste, you can always do what this guy did and drop in a Harley Davidson V-twin.


1. Goggomobil Dart

The Goggomobil Dart is the tiny cars to be more towards the sporting side of things.

Goggomobil was a German company, but the Dart was built under license in Australia. It measured 10 feet from bumper to bumper and weighed just 849 lbs. When combined with the optional 18 hp engine, it probably made the Dart pretty fun to drive.

Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreations is a founding member of the Goggomobil owners club.



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