DIY tips to make your own pool at the home!

The best way to beat the summer heat is to lie in a pool. But not everyone has a pool but don’t turn blue just yet, it’s real easy to make a pool and here are some ideas how: 

  • 2x4s pool: to make a pool just get some 2x4s from a construction site and make a square or rectangle structure with it using some water proof glue and nails. Cover it with a tarp and press it in the shape of a pool and use some more water proof glue to secure it. Now fill it with water and you are all set.

2x4s pool-Netmarkers


  • Plain plastic: now if you are really unable to find anything else you can try this one. All you need to do is find a tarp and hang it by using some poles. This might be a bit unstable but it will work. Just make it such that it resembles the structure of a pool.

Plain plastic-Netmarkers


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