For this small reason, monkeys are unable to speak as we do!

Why they cannot speak?

The reason why monkeys cannot speak like humans is hidden in their brains.

Co-author of the study, Asif Ghazanfar of Princeton University said “Even if this finding only applies to macaque monkeys, it would still debunk the idea that it’s the anatomy that limits speech in non humans.

Now, the interesting question is, what is it in the human brain that makes it special?

It means that the ability to speak lies in the brain of humans, rather than in the anatomy of our bodies.

He said that previous attempts to study the speech of monkeys relied on plaster casts of their vocal tract, but now they used x-ray videos and moving images to find out if they can’t speak due to their anatomy. The study confirmed that the vocal tracts of monkeys were speech ready, but something in their cognitive part of the brain kept them from speaking like humans and this was the reason behind their non speaking.

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