Here comes the oldest and most unbelievable pics ever taken in Human History!

First self Portrait

This is an old version of a selfie! It was clicked in the year 1839 and man in pose is Robert Cornelius who was clicked with the daguerreotype method. So lets not think that selfie is a modern day phenomenon. This self-portrait has been  officially accepted as the oldest photograph which is also the first light picture in the overall human history.

First self Portrait-Netmarkers


Photograph of Earliest Born Woman ever to be born

The Hannah Sttilley’s portrait who was born in 1746 is yet again another marvel in human history. While her original daguerreotype was taken in 1840, her real picture was printed in a book in 1936 by Alva Gorby and was preserved. sources say that the original daguerreotype of Sttilley is lost now however, in other way, its still preserved in the form of a book. this book furnishes details that  Hannah was 30  when America was born!

Photograph of Earliest Born Woman ever to be born-Netmarkers



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