Tips to keep veggies and fruits fresher for longer !!


We all know that maintaining hygiene in kitchen is must but how many of you really practice a hygienic and proper method to store vegetables in the kitchen? It is a very common practice among all to dump the veggies after purchasing from the market into the fridge. Refrigerator did not guarantee at all to keep your veggies as clean and fresh as possible as it might happen with you that vegetable became spoiled even after putting them into the fridge. Here we are sharing the latest easy trend of keeping the vegetables fresh for longer time.

Store potatoes in a dark area
Potatoes tend to rot faster if kept in the sunlight. To keep them fresh for longer time, store the potatoes in darker places in an open plastic or wooden container.

Store-potatoes-in-a-dark-area netmarkers

Wrap celery in tin foil
Celery taste changes when you wrap it with the plastic bag. So you must wrap the celery and even lettuce in foil before refrigerating it.

Celery in tin foil netmarkers

Wrap banana in plastic wrap
Bananas rot faster if kept into the fridge; so just wrap the banana stalks using plastic food wrap and store at room temperature. Bananas will remain fresh for longer time.

banana in plastic wrap netmarkers



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