Deep secrets of fast food restaurant staff which they never want you to know !!

Fast food is something which is liked by all of us and has become the daily part of the adult’s diet. Long working hours and shortage of time has kept only one option of fast food for us as it is very easily available and can be prepared in a limited time. Fast food was never healthy option to any person so some restaurant used tricks to lure the customers. Here is the list of some tricks that are used by restaurant.

The best time for fast food

11.00 AM -1.30 PM and then from 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM is regarded as the best time to visit the restaurant for the fast food. Food served during this time is fresh and one can’t get the table easily.

Best time fast food netmarkers

French fries contain 19 ingredients

French fries are not at all only potato stuff. Yes you read right: It contains 18 more ingredients other then potato. 18 other ingredient includes flavor enhancers, fats and additives.

French fries contain 19 ingredients netmarkers



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