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In today’s world, UFO sightings are not at all a new phenomenon. Even the ancient civilization have been describing about these unidentified flying object having disc like structure and unusual atmospheric objects in the art and literature. Here we are telling you about the top UFO sightings that certainly occurred and it is totally up to you to believe it or not.

Kenneth Arnold, 1947

On 24 June 1947, Civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying his small aircraft near Washington’s Mount Rainier. The pilot claimed that he saw 9 blue glowing objects in a “V” formation at a speed of 1700 mph. At first he believed it was some new military aircraft, but military confirmed that on that day no tests were being conducted near Mount Rainier.

Kenneth Arnold, 1947 1

Roswell, 1947

In the summer 1947, Weather balloon of USA army forces crashed at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. But it did satisfied the ufologists and they start proclaiming that it was alien spacecraft that has crashed and the government doesn’t want it to reveal to the rest of the world.

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