Woman taking selfie with Tiger, See What Happens Next

tiger pampering woman

Tiger has been great threat to humans but this video will contradict the fact. We has always seen there is a clear line between wild and tame which doesn’t get crossed and it is very necessary. But every so often the “wild” and the “tame” meet in the middle, and the results are magical.

This what happens when suddenly tiger behind the glass bar started snuggling the pregnant mother.

tiger cuddles pregnant mother

Brittany Osborne, from Indiana, US, with her cousin Natasha (Mom-to-be) went to attend Wine on the Wild Side event held at Potawatomi Zoo.

On Facebook Page of the Zoo, Brittany writes,” We went to the Wine on the Wild Side event and this beautiful tiger knew that my cousin, Natasha was pregnant! The tiger was snuggling with her baby bump! It was the SWEETEST moment!”

Natasha says, “I don’t know whether to laugh or be scared.” Further she added that the tigers were sleeping in the back of the exhibit the first time they passed them. She later returned to see one of the tigers pawing at the glass. “I do believe the tiger knew I was pregnant just by the way it was acting,” she says.


It is believed that tiger was able to sense that Natasha was carrying a baby and, despite the difference in species, her mother’s love came through clearly.
Have a look at this video showing the love of animals:




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