Top 10 Haunted Places on the Earth!

  1. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle is a magnificent Castle surrounded by Scottish hills. The view is quite amazing, but inside the narrow streets and empty halls of Edinburgh, there are echoes of the dead. According to reports, there also exists headless drummer, bodies of prisoners and ghost dogs.


  1. Monte Cristo, New South Wales, Australia

The most haunted place of Australia is located in Junee in New South Wales. The owner of the house Mrs. Crawley never came out of the house except for two times in 23 years, after the death of her husband. After her death, her ghosts haunts the mansion especially her former room. The incidents reported here by people are automatic turning off and on lights, body less ghosts wandering around, ghostly and strange voices. Some people also said that after entering the boy’s room their color changed to purple and became normal after coming out from there.



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