10 Habits That Are Destroying Your Life

There are many habits that we have picked up automatically, but do you know if they are good or bad?  The below list contains habits that are bad for you and can ruin your life.

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#1 Being Present in Activities:

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People usually don’t like to be forced and get annoyed. Instead of getting frustrated, you should focus on your present activity. There are many people who wish if they were somewhere else, it would have been fun. But this effects the present task.

#2 Consuming:

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People consume all the time. Various goods and services are being consumed every day. Instead of consuming, you should also give back. Show kindness to others, this will make your life more meaningful. You will become a better person by showing kindness to others.

#3 Wishing You Were Somewhere Else:

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There are many people who wish to be in some other place. Wishing won’t help you. It will make you upset because of what you don’t have. You should be happy and appreciate the life that you have.

#4 Inactive Lifestyle:

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These days people are not involved in physical activities. They sit at their homes, offices, schools, colleges. This impacts your health negatively. It affects the spine and hormone production. The happiness hormone, Endorphin also reduces if you sit for long duration.

Take breaks in regular intervals at office and walk. Walk to the cafeteria, colleague’s desk or corridor. This helps in stretching and brings the spine to normal position. Avoid sitting for too long. This will improve your health.

#5 Being Alone:

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Most people prefer staying alone these days. Families have become smaller, fewer friends. People are not very sociable these days. But it is not possible for any person to live alone. You must make friends, spend quality time with your family. This will give you mental peace and improve your physical health.

#6 Breakfast:

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There are many people who don’t get time for breakfast. They just wake up and go to office for work. But breakfast is the most important meal and you can’t skip it. Your metabolism gets affected if you skip breakfast.

#7 Spending Time Indoors:

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It is important that go out and get some fresh air. Instead of staying at home all the time, you should go out and meet with people and make friends. This will reduce your stress. It is important to be stress free for a good health.

#8 Creativity:

10 Habits That Are Destroying Your Life - Creativity - NetMarkers

Most teenagers have hobbies that they love doing. But gradually as they start growing and get into job, they get busy and don’t get time for their creative hobbies. The hobby could be anything – singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, drawing, playing, swimming, etc. It is important that you get involved in these hobbies, this will keep you stress free and is good for your health.

#9 Snacking Constantly:

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If you skip your meal, you tend to eat snacks constantly. This is not good for your health. These snacks are usually junk foods that is unhealthy. It can even lead to diabetes or heart related diseases. To avoid eating unhealthy food, drink water and eat healthy snacks.

#10 Painkillers:


Most people have a habit of popping painkillers whenever they experience pain. Taking painkillers can make you dependent. You can suffer for diseases like gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcer, blood pressure, etc. Use it only if there is an emergency.


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