Why Jennie’s suicide is a murder of feelings, innocence and tolerance- Season-1

Today Jennie is still, she is neither smiling nor crying.. just laying on the floor with blood all over. Her mom crying like anything, begging Jennie to open her eyes, at least once. All her classmates and a number of people from New York have gathered there but where is Martin? Why he’s not there? He was the one who use to call Jennie in odd hours, he was the one to drop her to school, he was the one to gift her rose everyday in front of all- sometimes making Jennie a bit shy, he was the one who was forcefully there in all the selfies of Jennie and finally, he was the one who can be seen most of the times sitting on the floor in front of Jennie with his hands folded… apologizing for something…. but then what happened today? Jennie’s death is viral and is in trending since whole of the New York seems to be talking about her and there are reasons for it. She was the favorite of all( I wish it would be present tense), she was the reason of smiles for a number of people and today she is making everyone cry… Not Fair Jennie!!

A suicide note is there on the floor and officer Stephen is just trying to complete few of the formalities but no one present over there seems to accept this fact. How is it possible? Is it possible for Sun to stop shinning? Is it possible for birds to chirp? If not, then it’s not possible to accept this fact that Life attempted Suicide.

Jennie not anymore- Netmarkers



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