Conspiracy, hatred, love, everything seems to be there at this viral murder mystery! Jennie’s story is reaching an end now! Part-41

Trending and viral news story in New York so far: Kevin’s phone details show something really suspicious! It seems Jennie was in a big trap- Part 40

Phone details of Kevin clearly show he was planning a conspiracy against Jennie and since he even contacted Martin, so the possibility of Martin being involved in the case can’t be overruled. But why would Martin try to kill Jennie? And what about all that hotel drama that Alice told the cops? Kevin is now ready to speak and he started this way. I loved Jennie like anything and I went just to let her live the way she wants. I knew she will never forget me that’s why I proved myself a cheater and then went for the treatment. Every day I just think of her and wanted to tell the whole truth but I stopped myself just for her sake. Then, after a long time, I started recovering! Doctors told me that I will be fine and then I contacted Jennie. I still remember the first phone call when we both cried for hours. And then I thought everything is now fine! Things were beautiful and I was really excited to meet her after the treatment is over. It was our daily routine to talk to each other and by that time, she even told about Martin. She told me that he is a good friend of her. But then something strange happened! I got a call from someone who asked me to stay away from Jennie!

Kevin was telling the story- viral story in New York- Netmarkers



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