Jennie had a big fight with Alice, was this the reason of her suicide? Part-10

Finally, she was ready to hear! Okay tell me what bunch of lies you have for me! Then I started! First of all what you saw is not true! Although there was something between me and Martin but it was 2 years back when you were not there in his life. Moreover, I am your best friend.. I can’t even think of this! But what happened last night was just because we were drunk and Martin was jealous of Kevin. Even I was surprised, but now I realized he did that out of jealousy. I was not sure if I was able to make Jennie comfortable, but I guess she was getting convinced. At least, now her expressions were changing!

But then why did you sleep with him? No, this is wrong! I just tried to take him to his home as he was totally drunk. We did nothing wrong. We reached his home, I managed him to put on  bed and then he kept on sleeping! Please believe me! And that’s why I am here! Please Jennie don’t spoil your relation with Martin and me! He loves you, he loves you like anything and I am happy to have a friend like you! Jennie was now normal! She sat on the bed calmly and said– I slapped Martin! What did I do! He was saying he did nothing, but I was not listening to him. I spoiled everything. Oh God.. why this happened to me! Why I listened to Kevin!

What?? Kevin?? I was shocked to hear his name! You spied us just because of Kevin? You almost murdered your relation just because of Kevin? What happened! Please tell me exactly, what he said! Now, I could see the tears rolling down her cheeks. I was shocked, and now annoyed that Jennie did all this just because of a boy who was not so special for her. Moreover, thoughts were disturbing me that why Kevin did that! What intention he was carrying! Was there something in his mind for Jennie?? Things were getting complicated! Really complicated! I could’t bear the twist and turns and wanted to know everything that happened that night! Everything was  fine until they were dancing and then everything changed! I wanted to uncover the dark side of that terrible night that brought a huge storm in all our lives!

Next part of trending and viral story of Jennie’s murder or suicide, New York :Kevin had a crush on Jennie.. that’s why he created misunderstandings? Part-11!

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