Kevin had a crush on Jennie… that’s why he created misunderstandings? Part-11

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I am keen to know everything! Please tell me why Kevin was so interested in spying us? Asked Alice and then Jennie started after a pause. Please don’t take me otherwise but I was also carrying a secret past which is unknown to Martin as well. Jennie’s sentences were echoing in my ears and I was like.. what are you talking about! But I was listening carefully.

Jennie started, Kevin was my boy friend and we were together for over 3 years. He was my first love and he was the one who made me realized how beautiful I was, how special I was and what exactly the love is. Kevin was my best friend and we were together from our childhood. It was usual for me to spend time with him and he use to share each and everything with me. Our friendship was good and I was not serious about the relationship until one day when something strange happened, that changed everything. As she was revealing her past, just one thing was troubling me that Jennie had a secret life which she kept in private even from me.. She was now looking to me as a stranger girl sitting along the sea side and talking about her life for the first time.

Jennie had a secret life- Jennie's viral story- Netmarkers



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