Jennie had a big fight with Alice, was this the reason of her suicide? Part-10

Trending and Viral News Story of Jennie’s suicide or Murder, New York, so far: Jennie was angry and shattered and this was disturbing both Martin and Alice.. Finally the secret revealed- Part-9

It was hard for me to hear these words. How could you say like this Jennie? I am your best friend. How could you even think that I want to come closer to Martin. It’s just a misunderstanding. Hearing this Jennie just shouted.. misunderstandings.. my foot! I saw everything by my own. How dare you to even come here! Where’s your love Martin, go and spend quality time with him only. Saying these words, she almost tried to drag me out of the room, but I insisted on being there. Just listen to me first! At least let me say what I wanted to say! We had a big fight and I even don’t remember what sort of hot discussions we exchanged.

discussions was going on between Jennie and Alice- Jennie's story- Netmarkers



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