Jennie was keen to end her relationship with Martin.. Was this the reason of her death?Part-20

Trending and viral News Story of Jennie, New York so farKevin was the culprit and now things are different between Alice and Jennie- Part-19

Jennie was talking about that night and I was just listening calmly. Although I was just calm from outside, inside there was an ocean in rage. Jennie was in anger and just one thing she was repeating again and again. How can you do this Alice? How can you stay with Martin over the night? I was not knowing what to say but the truth was that night nothing happened between Martin and me. But how should I prove this? Moreover, why am I supposed to prove this? She don’t have that much faith on me?

Jennie was again and again pointing out as if I was the culprit and finally I shouted, can’t you understand it was just something that happened because of drink. I am telling you again and again, there’s nothing between Martin and me. You also had a past with Kevin, you also concealed a lot of things from me and even Martin but we are not saying anything. Moreover, you are just relying on Kevin who left you few years back without saying a word.

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