Kevin was the culprit and now things are different between Alice and Jennie- Part-19

New York:  The trending and viral news story of Jennie’s suicide- the murder of life  so far: Suspense of that night is now revealing.. Now Alice can have her answers from Jennie. Part-18

Finally, Jennie started. Yes, as I told we started dating and talking to each other. Kevin always asks about Martin and you as well. But things were not that complicated since Kevin was knowing about Martin just as my good friend. That night in the party, while we were dancing Kevin was looking at you both and talking about your relationship. What all our relationship? We didn’t had any relationship and you know that. I wanted to convince Jennie that what all they saw that night was misunderstanding. Yes, Alice I know, but that time, when he asked me to look at you and Martin as a sweet pair, something wrong happened to me. And then you both kissed, it was like whatever Kevin was saying was right!

Kevin was constantly looking at you both and asking me to do the same. Initially, it was looking awkward as if I am interfering your personal life but then I realized its about my best friend and my love, Martin. I was really shocked to see you kissing each other and you both were so lost in the kiss that you forgot even I am here and could be watching at you both.

Kissing between Martin and Alice- viral story of Jennie-New York-Netmarkers


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