The YouTuber has to bear hard for climbing the Hollywood sign! Don’t you dare try it!

There are some people in this world who perform some insane tasks in order to get publicity but this time a publicity stunt went wrong and result in the custody of Vitaly Zdorovetskiy who is a YouTuber. The News is viral today and trending at Google.

On Wednesday evening, YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy climbed the Hollywood sign and he was carrying the flag that read “I’m back” at that time. The D in the Hollywood sign has been climbed by him and the flag reading “I’m back” was ther4 in his hands at that time. The man has been identified as Vitaly Zdodrovetskiy who is a YouTube prankster by KTLA. It is believed that this act of YouTuber is a publicity stunt. But for what reason has he done this?

YouTuber on hollywood sign D-Netmarkers


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