These amazing coincidences are unbelievable but true!!!

Each one of us must have experienced some kind of coincidences in our daily lives but they are not very strange and are generally normal. But here we are taking about the strange coincidences that are unbelievable but have actually taken place with some people. Read on about these coincidences that are absolutely true but still you won’t be able to believe them.

George D. Bryson

George D. Bryson has been allotted room no 307 when he checked in Hotel Brown in Louisville, Kentucky in 1953. When he returned to the reception after checking out from the hotel, he asked for the messages that were there for him. it came to him as a shock when he come to know that there was a letter having his name George D. Bryson and room no 307 on it but was not for him but for another person having the same name and was staying in the same room before him.

hotel room 307-Netmarkers


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