What kind of psychology of parents is visible in Orlando shooting and Stanford Rape case?

Stanford Rape case was trending few days ago in USA and now its the Orlando shooting. Though both the incidences shook not just the United States rather whole world, one thing is very interesting rather shocking. In both the incidences the parents of the culprits seem to cover them. In case of Brock Turner rapist, his father made a ridiculous statement that 6 months imprisonment is not right for 20 minutes of action. He called rape( though it was later on proved to be a sexual assault) a 20 minute action of his son, for which he should not be jailed. How can a father say this? Was his son’s deed so simple that it could be termed as a 20 min casual deed? What about the victim? What about the pain, sufferings and feelings of the girl in the Stanford rape case? Is it possible for her to live a normal life again? What was her crime? She took liquor and for that she must be punished like this? The statement of Brock Tuner rapist’s father clearly show the downfall of the values which undoubtedly is an issue that requires immediate attention.

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