Alice and Kevin were bringing storm in the life of Jennie who has a blind faith on both of them! Part- 46

Trending and viral news story in New York so far: The hidden face of Alice is now revealed! She was cheating both Martin and Jennie! Is she the culprit? Part-45

Kevin after a pause started! When I came to know about Martin, I got very angry with Jennie. I thought she was cheating on me. Initially, I got broken since she was the girl for whom I left everything. But then I thought, what’s her fault? It was me who created all the confusion! It was me who made her realize that I am a cheat, then what’s her fault? Then I realized, all I have to do is to take Martin away from her life so that she could come back to me. I thought things are simple, but when I came to know Martin is the caller and playing games, then I realized its not so easy to get rid of him. Then I started finding out everything about him. And during that course I came to know about his ex girlfriend- Alice. It was not very difficult to convince Alice to help me out as she too was jealous of his relationship with Jennie. I just need to introduced myself and build confidence that I actually want to break relationship of the two.

Alice was also involved in drama with Kevin- viral story in New York- Netmarkers


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