Shocking but true….Beautiful Birds Are Killed To Make Jewelry!

Pigeons are common and are found in nearly everywhere.  They come in all shapes and plumages. While some dazzle like a diva with their shimmery feathers. Others remind us of a drizzling day in London with their color.

And yet some like the Nicobar pigeon go and color themselves in every color found in the universe.


If you are into the flowery Latin name it is called the caloneas nicobarica. Underneath the plethora of colors the nicobar pigeon is essentially a pigeon only. This pigeon has a history as colorful as its feathers, its rich and illustrious. This pigeon comes from a chain of islands in south Asia called the nicobar island, no surprises there. As you can easily guess that’s where the name came from.

Nicobar pigeon is said to related to the Dodo. Not the dodo.  The one that is extinct since the mid 17th century due to being over hunted by the humans. Such tragedy befell the bird, and is the nicobar pigeon next?



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