OMG! These structures are houses? Unbelievable facts!

Some people may be satisfied in the ideas for the old school houses but for some house is a very creative and amazing place to live in.  Listed below are 10 amazing and jaw dropping examples from mushroom shaped houses to a wooden sky scrapper.

Yemen Dar-al Hajar: It is a summer home built in 1930’s by Dar al Hajar and is a strikingly beautiful rock house. It is now opened as a palace for the visitors and has been restored .It is more of a caste than a house.


Russia, Arkhangelsk –Wooden Skyscraper : As the name suggests it is a wooden house and has been built by a gangster and was  a two storey building when started but something didn’t looked right so he added and added more and more storey’s to the building and made it look like a skyscraper.



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