Top 10 Most Strange Looking Birds in the World!

Unusual shape, abnormal plumage, malformation of beaks makes some species of birds so strange. Some of them also show weird habits in diet, flight, and mating. List of 10 most strange looking birds in the world.

1 California condor

  1. Brownish red eyes, featherless head, ivory colored bill and the standing black feathers around neck.
  2. Only 437 birds in world,huge wingspan about 3 metres
  3. Weight -10 to 14 kgs
  4. Lifespan – 60 years
  5. Fly till 15000 feet ,nest on high cliffs
  6. Food – Flesh of animals.
  7. Found in US,Mexico and Canada.


2 Sri Lanka Frogmouth

  1. Have large gaping mouth, wide head, and hooked bill
  2. Wide binocular vision. Found in Southwest part of India and Sri Lanka.Known for loud laughing song.
  3. Can reach upto 9.1 inches. Female frogmouths are rufous and male have gray coloration on the feather.
  4. Food –Hunt insects at night.



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