Top 10 Most Strange Looking Birds in the World!

3 Long Wattled Umbrella bird

  1. Wattle has length up to 35 cm, covered with short feathers.
  2. Crest and wattle of female bird is shorter than male bird.
  3. Live in the wet forest of Colombia and Ecuador
  4. Food – Insects, lizards, and nuts.


4 Marabou Stork

  1. Bald pink head and neck, long inflatable featherless wattle massive body with dark color
  2. Live in South African Region.
  3. Height – 60 inch, weight up to 9 kgs.
  4. Largest wingspan up to 3.7 metres
  5. Food – carrion and other birds like pigeons, pelicans, chicks, and doves



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