If your kid is playing Blue Whale game, death is approaching him. Stop before it’s late

So far 200 deaths have taken place due to this suicide game- Blue Whale and still it is soon going to be launched in Britain. There are few facts about Blue Whale Suicide Game which you MUST KNOW if you wish to see your kid alive. Read it and pass on to other parents so that few lives can be saved.

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#10 Who created this game and what are his intentions?

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Blue Whale Suicide game is invented by Philipp Budeikin, 21 years of age from Russia. He is already arrested on charges of killing at least 16 school girls who committed suicide after taking part in the Blue Whale Suicide challenge. When asked why he invented this game, he said, the kids who died are mere ‘biological waste’ and he is   ‘cleansing society’.

#9 Teenage girls love the game creator and demanding release of Philipp from the prion.

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Things get worse when the killer is your lover. As per Russian prison authorities, they received hundreds of love letters addressing the game inventor from the teenage girls, who is still in the police custody at Kresty Jail located in St Petersburg.

#8 Who are the targets of Blue Whale Suicide Game?

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The target of Blue Whale Suicide Game is kids. However, as per the psychologists, young girls who lack love from parents in their lives are more likely to fall in love with Budeikin. That is the reason why most of the girls have committed suicide and demanding release of suspect from the prison.

#7 How the game is being popularized?
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If you wish to save your kid from this deadly game, then you need to know the tactics being followed by the inventor to attract kids. Started in 2013, Philipp along with his team members started attracting kids by posting scary videos in social media groups like VK.





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