Noodles Empire Inside your Stomach !!

Instant noodles have become a major part of diet of all human beings. Whether child or adult, it is loved by all. Besides, easily cooked they come in varied of tastes. Instant noodles or processed noodles serve as excellent meal for all people having rat in their stomach. Also, these noodles are very cheap. Everyday millions of packet of noodles are sold in the market and have a billion dollar market.


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Noodles have a vast impact on the health of people as they are not easily digested. So the scientist decided to conduct an experiment on it.

The Experiment

The experiment to check the effect of noodles on health was conducted by the Dr. Braden Kuo of Massachusetts General Hospital. He used a camera of pill size to record the events going in the digestive tract after eating Noodles. For the purpose of experiment, he chose Ramen noodles as it very common and eaten by most of us.


He found that even after 2 hours being eaten, the instant noodles were not at all digested. It means that to digest the noodles the digestive system has to put tremendous strain.

Watch video of Doctor taking out noodles from the intestine:



Instant noodles are very high in toxic preservative like Tertiary-Butyl HydroQuinone (TBHQ). Though TBHQ listed as antioxidants, it contains synthetic chemical with anti-oxidant properties. Along with TBHQ, it contains MonoSodium Glutamate. MSG is an excitotoxin i.e. it excites the nerve cells of the body to the point of damage and even death of those cells. There are many health hazards which are caused due to eating of Noodles.

If you can’t stop eating noodles, try to reduce its consumption. Prefer naturally grown food like fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet as they are easily digested and quench hungry feeling. Develop a habit of healthy eating among your children.


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