Can you imagine a person living a normal life even after being struck by billions of volts of electricity?



Lightning is a process in which enormous amount of electricity is discharged from the clouds and goes into the ground. Most of the time humans are targeted as lightening is passed through them. It is estimated that 1 in 12,000 people is a victim of lightening and 90% of the people do survive the lightning.  There are nearly 50 lightening strikes per second thus making annual count nearly 1 billion. Read the article to find 10 such lucky people who withstand the lightning bolts and are present among them.

Winston Kemp

This man was not at all affected by the lightning bolts when he was hit by it and walked normally as nothing had happened. The reason stated for this was the lightning bolt hit him after rebounding from the ground.

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 Peter McCathie

Can you imagine a person being so unlucky for being hit by bolt and on the same time being so lucky to win 1 million dollar lottery. Peter McCathie was struck by lightning when he was on boating trip. He survived. He was 14 year old al that time.

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Britney Wehrle

In the year 2011, this 11 year old girl was on walk with her friend and it was quite sunny. But unfortunately, she got struck by the bolt which was occurring few miles away from her. This girl didn’t realize until she was struggling to open the door. She noticed a burn mark on her wrist and shoulder and went to the hospital. The doctors told her that she was hit by the lightning bolt which entered her body through the shoulder and exited from the wrist.

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 Melvin Roberts

Can you imagine a person being hit by the lightning bolt 11 times? This is the most unbelievable thing as the chances of a normal person being struck in a year are out of 700,000 other people. Once, Melvin was hit by bolt in a sunny day while mowing neighbor’s grass and twice while driving bulldozer.

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