5 Reasons Why You Should Travel The World!

9 Amazing Benefits Of Traveling

Travel more and more. This is the one piece of advice that I would like to share with people so that they could share more experience and joy in life. This doesn’t mean pre-planning trips or going on vacations, but it means to journey out to somewhere where you have never been to, so that you get experience of what all opportunities life had to offer you of which you had never thought before.

Traveling is fantabulous in many ways. It apprehends us with a sense of strong desire of traveling and also has us yearning desire for more destinations to visit, food to eat, culture to experience and people to meet. Traveling is such an amazing thing that make people wait for later years to explore a lot of the world. I would like to inspire to travel more and more from now itself.

So here are the 9 wonderful benefits of traveling that will surely inspire you to travel.

  1. You’ll find a new purpose

 “We travel initially to lose ourselves. We travel next, to find ourselves.”    – Pico Iyer

You’ll find a new purpose-netmarkers

Traveling is an amazingly underrated investment in yourself. As you travel you’re exposed to more new people, cultures, and lifestyles than you are living in your homeland all the time. With all the newness in your life, you’re also opened to new insights, ways of seeing the world and living, which often gives people a new purpose for their lives. If you’re feeling stuck on what your purpose is, what you want to do with your life, the career or educational path you want to pursue, go travel, you might just be surprised about what you discover as a new sense of life purpose and direction.

  1. You’ll appreciate your home more

 “No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until we come home and rest our head in the old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

You’ll appreciate your home more-netmarkers

When we spend time away from home, especially in a place where we don’t have the same luxuries readily available to us, like a village in Fiji that runs without electricity, we become more aware and appreciative for the luxuries we have back at home. I remember a time where I visited my cousin in Argentina after she’d been living there for about a year. I was visiting her around Christmas time and brought her the new Harry Potter book along with some basic goods that you can find almost anywhere in Los Angeles. She was over joyous and filled with gratitude, like she just got the greatest gift in the world. In other parts of the world, like India and Ethiopia, people don’t have as much access to clean drinking water, especially from what’s readily available on tap. Traveling through areas like that really make us appreciate what we do have, and often can spark the movement of something to support people living there experience a greater quality of life.

  1. You’ll realize that your home is more than just where you grew up

 “We all are visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love and then we return home.”

You’ll realize that your home is more than just where you grew up-netmarkers

The more we travel, the more we realize that our home is so much more than the town, city, state and even country that we’ve grown up in, we realize that our home is the world, this planet, and we become more conscious of how we can harmoniously live and support one another. And in that knowingness and state of consciousness, people like those supporting the movement of charity water come into fruition.

  1. You’ll realize how little you actually knew about the world

Travel is at its most rewarding when it ceases to be about your reaching a destination and becomes indistinguishable from living your life.”  – Paul Theroux

You’ll realize how little you actually knew about the world-netmarkers

There’s concept, and then there’s experience. When we travel, we may notice that some of the things we’ve heard about the world end up being very different than what we were indoctrinated and conditioned to believe. Many of the initial myths that get dispelled are often about traveling itself. Where you once may have thought it was too expensive and dangerous, you may realize how you can actually save more on your lifestyle expenses traveling the world than you do living at home. You may also realize how kind and friendly strangers can be, and how they are even willing to take care of you with a place to sleep at night. Beyond that, you have the whole world to learn about with every place you discover, every person you meet and every culture you experience.


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