10 Most Horrible Animal Attacks on Humans!

Animals and humans are many times posed as friends, but this is not the truth. Keeping safe distance from animals is very important sometimes. The wild side of the nature can be very risky for humans. The animals now days are very deadly and ferocious. According to Michael Conover, who is a management expert at…

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Shocking results of using lime in drinks that will make you think twice!

Margarita Burn is a kind of burn people haven’t much heard about. But some people have experienced it and surprisingly it can turn out to be quite horrible and nasty. Shockingly, the lime present in margarita and the sun can turn out to be hazardous and lead to severe burns at times. For instance, a…

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How to detect if someone is tracking or taping your cell phone?

With the growing technology, there are new innovations in mobile technology as well. These innovations have simplified the living, but on the other hand they have also increased the chances of illegal hacking, tracking and tapping of mobile phones. The technological advancements may seem to be very impressive, but somehow they have made our lives…

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10 most dangerous islands of the world!

Most of the dangerous islands are home to dangerous objects, poisonous flora and fauna, venomous snakes and unpredictable natural structures such as active volcanoes. Here is the list of the 10 most threatening islands in the world that one should not enter at any cost. These include islands such as: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch…

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Here the Top 10 Strangest Buildings in the world!

The man made creation can be sometimes equally fascinating as nature. There are some strangely designed building in the world which are worth visiting and experience its beauty. We will be listing out best 10 strangest buildings in the world: The dancing building, Czech Republic: Also popularly known as Fred and Ginger, it was designed…

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Love spicy food? Here are the amazing health benefits of Spicy Food!

Spicy food is beneficial to health in many ways as per scientific studies. In countries like China, India and America the people love to eat spicy food. The classic green chili, jalapenos, bell peppers, pablanos, capsicum etc. add the thrill and tantalizing flavor in the food. This viral post covers some of the amazing health…

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10 most beautiful and rare butterflies of the world!

One of the most beautiful and diverse species of the world, the butterflies are known for their aesthetic beauty and pleasing aura. It is estimated that there are over 25, 000 of butterflies present in the world. Here are some of the most beautiful and rare butterflies that are present in various ecosystems around the…

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