Jennie was in big trouble but was she aware of it? Do her friends’ dishonesty killed her? Part-47

Trending and viral news story in New York so far: Alice and Kevin were bringing storm in the life of Jennie who has a blind faith on both of them! Part- 46 One thing was very clear that the conspiracy was to separate Martin and Jennie but then what happened that she committed suicide? Or was…

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Kevin finally broke out after harsh beating from cops! But what he revealed was even more frightening!Part-43

Trending and viral news story in New York so far: Both Kevin and Alice were betraying Jennie but why? What was her fault? Part-42 For detective, now it was looking as if Kevin was trying to take him to a ride and this was frustrating. With the story told by Kevin so far, it was very…

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Kevin’s phone details show something really suspicious! It seems Jennie was in a big trap- Part 40

Trending and viral story in New York so far: Police is now taking both Alice and Kevin on remand! Perhaps they will reveal the truth now! Part-39 One officer was sent to the hospital where Kevin was undergoing the treatment. Although, initially Kevin was not interested in giving the  hospital's address and information about the doctors…

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Cops questioned Alice and she seems to be tensed now! Who is the culprit- Alice or Kevin? Part-38

Read the trending and viral news story in New York so far: Kevin had a motive to kill Jennie! So was he responsible for the death of Jennie? Part-37 The questions of detective were genuine and the possibility of anything fishy can't be overruled. Kevin on the other hand seems to be confident. May be he…

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It seems Jennie’s suicide is a murder! But is Martin really a culprit? Part-25

Read the next part of trending and viral news story in New York: Jennie's suicide- the murder of life so far: Jennie’s postmortem report revealed something that was hard to believe! She was really in pain before she died! Part-24 Things are getting complicated. Now, its very clear that her death is not a suicide as…

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