What??? These 10 deadliest wars claimed over 2 million lives! Amazing facts!

The history of the world is stuffed with the wars that were fought for number of reasons such as political, religious and much more. Such wars have always been followed by serious consequences such as terrible living conditions, massive number of deaths, food crisis, dislodgment of population etc. This trending post lists some of the…

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Wow!! These personalities are the living example of courage on Earth. We salute them!!

Disability is referred as the hampered physical functioning, which could be from birth or due to some unfortunate accident. There are millions of such people all over the world who became the victims and had to face some kinds of physical disability. Though such condition can easily discourage a person, but there are many people,…

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Here are some of the rare known interesting facts about Lil Kim trending and viral!

Born on July 11, 1975, one of the best known female rappers to date is Lil Kim and her real name is Kimberly Denise John. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Lil Kim started her career by being in the Junior M.A.F.I.A of Biggie Smalls. Her first album named Hard Core has been released by her…

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Amazing back stories behind the unexpected things ever found!!!

There are number of extraordinary incidents that took place around us but we remain unaware of them. Great things continue to be there all the time and this fact is reminded to us by the bunch of amazing stuff. Here is the list of the most unexpected things ever found and their amazing back stories.…

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10 Unknown facts about 22 Olympic medal holder- Veteran swimmer Michael Phelps

#10 As a child, 22 record Olympic medal holder, Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD or Attention Deficity hyperactivity disorder. Due to this disease, he finds it hard to focus on studies in class. He was just in 6th grade when this diagnosis came into picture. To get rid of the problem he started taking…

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These amazing and strange animals are the creation of Science!

In order to find the solutions to the everyday problems of humans, the researchers and scientists use to do continuous struggle and efforts in their labs. Here is the list of some of the amazing creatures that are the result of the labor of scientists but look like something that comes straight from a science…

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Here are some of the rarely known amazing facts about the eyes!!!

There are few amazing facts about eyes that are even hard to believe. This trending and viral post will not allow you blink your eyes before reading it completely. There is a capability to distinguish between about 10 million different colors in the human eyes. It is not true that one can’t see anything in total…

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10 Unbelievable facts about breast cancer you must know before its too late!

Breast Cancer is among the most common cancer found among women in the United States. Unfortunately, it is also among the main causes of deaths among women. Although, its a serious problem, its unbelievable that still there are a good number of people unaware of the risks of breast cancer and of the factors that…

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