This mother puts garlic below the pillow of her son every night! Reason would compel you do the same.

On account of the presence of great quantity of healthy nutrients that are great for the overall health, garlic is certainly one of the healthiest foods in the world. Know about its amazing facts here. A number of health problems like baldness, liver diseases, colds, clogged arteries, respiratory problems, flu etc are prevented as well as cured by garlic and therefore it must be consumed daily. Garlic contains one of the most powerful ingredients known as Allicin. One more fact is that if the garlic is crushed then its potency could be optimized. But on cooking, some of its properties are lost and therefore the effect is not same. Leave a garlic clove for 15 minutes after crushing and then eat it to have great health benefits. In order to remove the bad odor that it has, you can add some parsley and olive oil to it.

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