Kevin could be the one responsible for Jennie’s death, but Alice too was found to be suspicious! Part-32

Trending and viral news story in New York so farEveryone was taking Alice as the culprit but where’s kevin who started all the confusion? Now, he’s also a suspect! Part-31

Everyone was now looking for Kevin and as time was passing, concern for Martin was increasing. Martin’s mother is now really worried and people are expecting something wrong happened with him too. However, the mystery of blood in the car is still a mystery and search is going on to know who exactly was the victim in that car.

Alice reached home and was looking restless. May be due to the fact she was taken to be the suspect in the Jennie’s death. But what was the reality? Alice was sitting on the bed and suddenly she heard her phone ringing. She was assuming that phone from the police but the number was unknown. She received the phone and said hello and then she was unable to speak anything. What was so shocking that she was unable to speak? Who was there on the other side of the phone? She then was just able to speak one word.. what do you want? Who are you?

Alice is now a suspect- viral story New York- Netmarkers




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