Here are the amazing hairstyles trending and viral for all the beautiful girls!!!

Double Dutch Braids

  1. Before thinking about braiding, the girls having slippery, sleek hairs must get some texture in there from roots to end.
  2. Straight down the middle, split the hairs and to make one side completely out of the way while you braid, tie it off.
  3. Right at the front of your head, begin the Dutch Braid which is same as French Braid with the only difference that instead of over, it is braided under. If the braid almost looks inside out, you will know that you have gotten it right.
  4. To the nape of your neck, braid all the way and then switch to a three strand braid once all the hairs on that side are incorporated and continue till about two inches of hairs left. Then with elastic, tie it off.
  5. Now start with the second braid that could be a little trickier. To make sure that both the braids are even, look in the mirror and take your time to make it properly.
  6. When both of the braids are secured, start at the bottom and gently pull out the braids and you will be able to see how bigger the braids can get giving you a more striking effect.

Double Dutch Braids-Netmarkers


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