Get rid of the stress hormones from the body with these simple and amazing yoga poses!!!

In present, every single person is suffering from the problem of stress due to the trending lifestyle, work load, pressure of deadline etc. It results in number of problems that affect the personal as well as professional life of the person and the he loses temper easily. The stress hormones like cortisol are released by the brain in such conditions. To reduce the stress levels, it is very important to remain engaged in exercises. Here are some simple and easy yoga poses that are trending, that you can perform daily as stress busters.

The child pose (benefits the lymphatic and nervous system)

  • Kneel on a yoga mat ensuring that while you sit back on your heels, your legs are together.
  • Till the forehead is flat on the floor and chest is placed on the thighs lean forward.
  • Curl the shoulders forward, let the palms face upwards and place the hands next to the feet.
  • For about four breaths, keep this posture.

The child pose-Netmarkers


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