Check For 2 Way Mirrors and Cameras in Changing Room!

How to check for cameras?

You should not just check for the two way mirrors, always check for hidden cameras as well as you don’t want a tape of you changing going out. Here are a few tricks that might make the job easier for you and you will be safer the next time you try on a dress.

  • Switch off the lights and see if there is something blinking in the room. Cameras usually have red or green blinking lights. So if you are able to see them than there probably is a camera hidden in the room.
  • If you check with your phones cell reception and it is particularly bad in a particular area then there might be camera hidden there as cameras frequently hinder with the cells reception especially if you are not able to see any cameras this might be a good way to check.
  • There are many apps in the goggle play store and apple store that might help you look for the hidden cameras in the stores changing room and your hotel rooms. So you can download one of them and be safe the next time you visit one.



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