You have a point of longevity in your body. This is what happens if it is massaged!

Where is the magical point located?

The mystical point of longevity is situated below the kneecap. In order to find it, one should cover the knee with the palm of his hand. The point is located between the ends of the little finger and ring finger, and one can feel it in the form of a small indentation between the bones. It is also known as Zu San Li point.

Zu San Li point-Netmarkers


Why is it so important?

In Chinese medicine, the body is seen as a liveliness and energy organisation, and therefore, the massage can affect the current of energy and the practical activity of the organs.

The importance of this is because the effects of these massages like acupressure, using your finger to pressure certain points is actually grounded on the theory of the meridians and channels associated and linked to specific organs.

longevity point-Netmarkers


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