5 easy test to check you are in good health !!


2. The heart

Heart is the lifeline of the body. It is your duty to have proper heart check up i.e. taking pulse every now and then. For this, take few deep breaths so that your body calms down. Be in this position for 5 minutes. After that place thumb or two fingers 1-2 inches below the base of thumb on the inner wrist. Measure the beats per minute. If the count of beats is 60-100 per minute then you have a healthy pulse. If the count is more or less then it’s time to consult the doctor.

Woman checking pulse on wrist closeup

3. Eyes Test

Take a gap from what you are doing!! Move 5 steps back from your lappy monitor or PC and close one eye. Have a close look at the circle given below. If you happen to see some lines darker, it means you have developed astigmatism (A refractive error in the eye where light is not focused evenly on the retina resulting in blurred vision at distances.). It is time to visit the optician and have proper eye checkup.

eye test netmarkers



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