10 shocking images that shows human impact on Earth



Biggest threat to Earth is not from any extra-terrestrial bodies but from the ones who are living on it. Yes you guess it right. We humans are responsible for the earth’s deterioration and soon are activities will result in a world, not fit for the human existence.

We have become se selfish that we have started molding Earth to fir our needs through industrialization, construction and massive commercialization. Before we are too late to understand this fact, each individual should take a step for betterment of the environment. Check out 10 drastic images which pictures how human impacted the nature.

Mongolia yellow river pollution

Contamination in Yellow river of Mongolia is so high that it has polluted the atmosphere to great extent. Locals can’t breathe in the area as it contains toxic fumes hazardous to health.


Source: www.blazepress.com



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