Simplest Way to Remove Kidney Stones with Barley Water



Kidney stones are one of the most common health issues now-a-days and each home has at least one person suffering from this. Scientist and Doctors have found that in past few years there is tenfold increase in the patient of kidney stones worldwide. As per the medical treatment, surgery is the only solution to cure it, but there are many other natural remedies which are as effective as surgery. One of them is drinking Barley water.


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Kidney Stones Formation

When minerals are deposit within the urethra or the kidney crystals are formed and these crystals are known as Kidney Stones. Basically, these crystals are formed of precipitate of calcium such as calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate. Kidney stones don’t have fixed size and may vary from tiny particle to big golf ball. The symptoms of stones can be severe or mild which include fever, inflammation, infection and digestive issues. People with Kidney stone may have acute pain in lower abs, flank and groin and blood in urine.


Why Kidney stones are formed

Stones in kidney can obstruct urethra and can even cause serious damage to the kidney issues. There are many causes which led to the formation of kidney stones but the major ones are as under:
1. Hereditary issue
2. Too much consumption of packed foods or processed foods.
3. Excessive consumption of Caffeine, sugar, red meat, refined flour and dairy products.
4. Consumption of Antacids from long time
5. Kidney infections and urinary tract from long time



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