World’s cutest cat breeds that will make you utter WOW!

We all love pets, whether it is a cat or a dog or rabbit or any other. But cat is the cutest among all other pets. Though there are larger varieties of cats around the world, but this article will help you to come across some of the best and cute looking cat breeds which are not usually found. Hope it will help you pet anyone among these.

  1. Sphynx

You must have seen this breed in FRIENDS series if you remember. There is one episode where Rachael carry this hissing cat to her apartment. Well Sphynx is the same cat. And Sphynx is an outcome of discriminatory breed which is not hairless, as against the customary belief.


  1. Bengal Cat

Bengal cat is the hybrid of cat breed class. This breed is very friendly in nature and gets attached to their pack members very easily. Because of being resistant to leukaemia, it was thoroughly studied in 70’s for the first time.



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