Animals Having Longest Lifespans!

Animals are truly amazing. Certain things of these species will truly astound you. Animals are generally not found to live more, but there are certain creatures on this earth, which you could not believe live for so long even more than 200 years or may be beyond that.

Animals generally do not have a long lifespan. Due to certain problems such as diseases, bad weather, competition of shelter and food, infant mortality, predators or habitat destruction these animals lose their life before age.

Below are the list of top ten creatures that possess a longest lifespans living in their ideal circumstances.


  1. Red Sea Urchin

Red Sea Urchins are almost believed to be immortal. They are native to the West Coast of North America in the shallow water of Pacific Ocean. These spiny and small creatures are being popularly known to live for more than 200 years.

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  1. Koi Fish

The Koi Fish are known to live for 25 to 30 years but there are some records of Koi fish showing that they have even lived for more than 200 years. Hanako is a famous Koi fish in Japan, who died in the year 1977, and according to the study, it is reported that she was 226 in age. This made her even older than the United States of America.

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  1. Long Finned Eel

Long Finned Eel is found in Australia and New Zealand. They live around 60 years. Finned Eel has a record of living 106 years. These fish grow very slowly just like the Greenland shark. And because of this reason they grow so old.

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  1. Macaw

Macaws have a lifespan of 60 to 80 years, while the breeding age of Macaw ranges from 30 to 35 years. Unexpectedly, most number of macaws are now endangered in the wildlife and in that also few are already extinct due to illegal pet tryearsade and habitat degradation.


  1. African Elephant

African Elephant are native to Africa and their lifespan is around 70 years. Actually the fact is that the land animals have largest survival lifespan of 70 years. According to a study by done by Zimbabwe reported that a female African Elephant can remain potentially fertile until their death.

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  1. Galapagos Giant Tortoise

It almost passed a hundred for the survival of largest living species of tortoise. The oldest tortoise that has been marked is 152 years. “Lonesome George” is the name of the famous tortoise, who is a sub species and lived on the Island. He was around 100 years in age and was still titled as a young adult.

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  1. Bowhead Whale

Bowhead whales have an average lifespan of 200 years and are the second largest mammal after the blue whale. They’re old age was discovered when a live animal was found with a harpoon that dated to over 100 years ago embedded in its skin.

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