Celebrate the beautiful relation between mother and child with love. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

This is the most important phase of the relation of mother and child in which the role of child comes into play. The mother has done all that she could have done for her child and now it is the turn of the child. This is the phase when the mother has grew old after making her children independent, caring and a trustworthy human with all her efforts. This is the phase when the child can understand his mother and must take care of the old mother who has given her whole life for her kids. Now the child must take the place that was taken by her mother years back in his childhood. This is the phase when a child must try to repay what his mother has done for him with all her efforts (however it is not possible to repay what we get from our mothers). Just love your mothers, take proper care of them, of their needs and never hurt them as it is the most sinful deed to hurt the mother who has given all of her for us.

Celebrate Mother’s Day and the other days as well with your mother loving them and taking care of them. Happy Mother’s Day once again!!!

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