Martin was aware of Jennie and Kevin’s relationship but then why he was pretending to be unaware of everything? Part- 44

Kevin was now revealing strange things and this was bringing a fear that Jennie’s suicide was a murder. But still the murderer is not known. Kevin continued! I started keeping a watch on Jennie and Martin and tried anyhow to separate them. I know Jennie right from the beginning that she will not leave any relationship until she has something suspicious and so I kept on waiting for the right time to strike. Now, my objective was to find out all odds in Martin so that I can prove he is not right for Jennie. Martin, on the other hand was trying to keep me away from Jennie but he was not aware that I already caught him red handed. So, you wanted to have Jennie and the best way for that was to kill Martin. Am I right? Asked officer.. So you killed Martin! Is this true?

Read the next part of trending and viral news story in New York: Jennie’s suicide- the murder of life : The hidden face of Alice is now revealed! She was cheating both Martin and Jennie! Is she the culprit? Part-45

Who's the killer- viral story in New York- Netmarkers


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