Was it really required to shot Alva Braziel? Rarely known facts about Alva Braziel!

In Houston, Texas, police shot dead an African-American on Saturday. The man later was identified as Alva Braziel who was shot ten times when he pointed gun at the law enforcement. As per the Houston Police Department, the two of its officials shot dead an armed man when he pointed a gun at them. The department even confirmed that the officers were wearing body cameras at the time, incident took place.

After the news of Houston shooting has gone viral, different reactions were seen among the people with different views. Even the video showing Alva Braziel shooting was found and shared among the people. The twitter was flooded with a mixed emotions and most of the people were against the killing of Alva Braziel. The shooting further raised tensions as this is the third incidence of black men being shot by the police in a week’s time.








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