Drive away evil spirits and negative spirits away from home with a cat!

Drive away evil spirits and negative spirits away from home with a cat

Cats have a protective aura which protects its owner. Cats are magical creatures with positive astral energy that can be transferred to you each time when cat brushes your leg.

Cats protect homes from evil spirits and ghosts who may haunt a residence. They also rid a home of negative energy which is particularly beneficial when purchasing an old home.

Cats possess powers to confront spirits

Cats actually sense spirits in a home and instead of being cautious like a dog, a cat instead follows it around the house investigating its intentions. The reason for this behavior is to make sure the spirit does not threaten its territory and will endeavor to dispel the spirit through its own abilities of energy elimination.

A cat can even trap an entity in its own energy field and will then lead it out of the house. This is why one should pay attention to cat’s behavior especially if it constantly stares at something invisible. This could be either a spirit or an evil entity.



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