Top 10 beautiful starfishes on this earth

We all like fascinating creatures, and so are starfishes. They are not actually a fish, but they are marine invertebrates such as a sea cucumber. Unlike a fish, they cannot swim, nor do they have gills to breathe. There are diverse category of starfishes on the earth and all are beautiful looking. Let’s have a look on top 10 beautiful starfishes:

  1. Common starfish

Common starfishes are standard starfishes that is, the first picture that click in your mind when you think of starfish.


  1. Necklace starfish

It’s a fun looking and a fancy starfish. Their body is brightly colored and textured which looks alluring.


  1. Blue star

Blue stars looks quite trendy. They are blue boy of sea. They have a brightly blue colored body decorated with purple or red spots.


  1. Crown-of-thorns starfish

These starfish are the largest among all the starfish and their length is 80 cm. The upper surface of their body is covered with thorns. They are either reddish gray in color or purplish blue.


  1. Biscuit star

They are covered with numerous small interlocking plates and they are 5 cm length. They are bright reddish orange in color. They are native of Australia. They are also known as Vermilion Sea star.


  1. Cushion star

They are sea star that appear like a pillow. They have short arms and resembles like a pentagonal cushion. They are small starfish with varieties of color may be green, purple, blue, brown or orange.


  1. Giant spined sea star

They are native of North America along western coast. They can grow in size up to 61 cm. they feel homely on rocky sea shores near lower tide mark. They have blunt thick spines which are blue in color having purple, white or pink tips.


  1. Red-knobbed starfish

They are also known as red spine sea star. They can extend large in size up to 30 cm and are mostly find in Indo pacific region.


  1. Nine-armed Sea Star

Found in Atlantic Ocean in the western areas including Caribbean Sea. They make sandy or muddy area their home. They are very cuddly creatures and are very friendly in nature.


  1. Orange brisingid

Orange brisingid contains five or more number of arms with a central disc. Their upper surface is smooth and spiny with plates overlapping. They are brightly colored in reddish or orangish.



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