Amazing Fountains in the World which are really Eye-Catching !!

The technology has advanced so much that it stun people with its daily new inventions. Modern Architecture has been so much in picture now days as it always stun people with amazing bridges, spectacular fountains and the sculptures. Fountain Art is something which has always stands out for its captivating beauty. Scroll below to see…

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Top 6 Haunting Hotels we bet you not be knowing !!!

Good News to all the daring people who wish to have truly Haunted Halloween. What about staying up in the most haunted hotels in the world? We are sharing with you the most haunted hotels in the world where you can stay and feel the thrills of living there among the haunted Halloween. Colorado’s  Stanely…

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Top 10 awe-inspiring places in the world you would surely love!

Riviera Maya, Yucatán Mexico the land of style attracts the tourists from all the parts of the world to its marvelously beautiful beaches of River Maya, Yucatan. The seductive coastline with tropical forests always bears moderate temperature making it a great relaxing destination for the nature lovers to appreciate the beauty of the Nature while…

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Your zodiac sign can tell you which place to visit for your dream vacation

Each zodiac sign has its unique characteristics and these tend to define your choices regarding travel destinations. Some people like adventure, luxury and shopping when they travel while there are others who prefer solace, peace and tranquillity. Plan your holiday as per your choice and zodiac sign.. Steps To Plan A Dream Vacation Here are…

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Are you an adrenalin junkie and love roller coasters that are dangerous and that can give you the ultimate thrill and fun

Are you an adrenalin junkie and love roller coasters that are dangerous and that can give you the ultimate thrill and fun. If yes, then you should take a ride of at least one roller coaster. In this world, there are people who think that making tall roller coasters would be a great source of…

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Top 8 weirdest tomb Stones

There is something about graveyardsthat always attracts people. We always have some fascination for them, especially if famous people are buried in there. The tombstone is the final placeof life, but some people like having dramatic and extraordinary grave statues. Wooden clothespin Jack Crowell was the owner of  the last wooden clothespin manufacturing factory in…

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