How Walmart’s Buy of Flipkart in $16 Billion Will Change the Startup Map of India!

  Binny Bansal and Sachin, who are the founders of Flipkart, have invested in the startup which is unrelated to the venture which started by selling of books online and which was sold the last week to retail giant Walmart. The Bengaluru based firm had been valued in just shy of $21 billion. The three…

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10 Unexpected Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil!

Did you ever know that olive oil is quite healthy and it has several health benefits? Olive oil is extracted by pressing olives that comes in various forms having different beauty uses. Apart from consuming olive oil from stir fried dishes and salad dressing, you can also use olive oil for your hair, nails and…

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Eight Uncompromising Facts About Cancer!

Cancer is significantly scary, particularly when you are unaware of its ways of prevention, especially the beginning of cancer. Cancer can be prevented through inclusion holistic and healthy lifestyle that facilitates all its development addressing the core factors. Regrettably, it is difficult to avoid this deadly disease due to pollution of our air, water and…

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Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Beer!

We often hear people saying that drinking beer effects the health that is it is not good for one’s health. But unexpectedly, beer has innumerable health benefits. So, from now onwards, without any guilt, you can take delight in every sip of beer. According to a study, it is found that beer not only benefits…

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Get Aware of Some Physical Signs of Depression!

  All human beings has to face the ups and downs of life. For the people who are suffering from depression, for them the feeling is no less than a temporary sadness. Sometimes they might feel high, and sometimes very low. Some people suffer from severe depression, which means the symptoms are severe and it’s…

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12 Tremendous Ways to Avoid Daytime Sleepiness!

Almost every person likes sleeping in the day time. But excessive sleepiness for some people gets in many ways like childcare, daily work or leisure activities. And this state of sleepiness occurring repeatedly even when you are at work is known as hypersomnia. You won’t accept, but the fact is that the problem of falling…

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The Golden Triangle Tour Package for Indelible Visit to India!

When we are talking in terms of tradition, rich culture, beautiful and lovely views, then the first place that comes to our mind is India. India is an incredible and gorgeous country which offers a lot many things. Travelling India would be one of the best trip with would be unforgettable and memorable for life…

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